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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but only within Europe. Currently shipment to further countries costs a lot, as I only starting selling abroad, my options may be still limited. However, if you willing to cover all costs, you're welcome to contact me and we arrange the shipment. The regular shipment prices are shown beside each product and in the cart.

Do you offer local pick up?

Sure, that the best and free way to collect your goodies. You can select the option at checkout. Collection can be arranged in Ratoath in the Village Centre courtyard (beside Donnelly's shop), or other places. All within the Covid regulations.

Does the delivery time that is stated in the cart means I will receive my order within that particular amount of days from the time my order was placed?

Usually yes, but it is not always possible. Especially nowadays during the covid outbreaks and unexpected restrictions. Please also notice that I do my best to manage to fit in the time frames shown beside your order, but these times are the information about the delivery itself, which means it's from the moment your order is sent away to you. There is also processing time which may vary.

How much for delivery?

The delivery costs depend on your location and the weight of your order. It's displayed in your cart. You can select the best delivery option for you.

Are all your candles 100% Soy wax?

Some are soy wax and some rapeseed or coconut wax. I don't use paraffin to ovoid toxic fumes.

How do you scent your candles?

I am certified aromatherapist and use my essential oils to scent my candles. I often mix certain oils to create different scents.
For example, to create the "Sakura" candle, I couldn't use cherry blossom essential oil, simply because such oil doesn't exist. Therefore I blended various essential oils to create a scent similar to Cherry blossom.
Some of my fragrances, apart from essential oils, contain other ingredients such as Vanilla Extract or real Cinnamon.

Do you accept personal orders and would be willing to make a unique candle for me?

I do that sometimes, but it's not possible all the time. Also, production time may take some time. You're welcome to contact me and we can discuss the possibility.

If you have any question, feel free to ask: