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Shipping, Delivery and Return Policy

We are placed in Ireland, so any orders that meant to go abroad are considered as international shipment, and appropriate charges will apply. Contact us to make sure we deliver into the country of your desire. The charge for the delivery depends on the weight of the package and the distance. It is going to be sent by post or courier service. Once you place your order we will ship it within a week time (most of the time the next working day). When your order is shipped, you will receive the message about it (as well as the tracking number) on your email address (the email you provided while placing the order).

We do not take responsibility for unreceived orders if you miss your delivery date and time. You can arrange the alternative dates with the courier or post (or pick a collection point - depends on the delivery company's T&C). 

If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we might arrange a replacement or refund (depends on your choice as well as on the product eventual defect which will need to be established by us). We put all the effort to make the products of the highest standards, but if you're still unsatisfied, you welcome to contact us.
The cost of returns depends on our agreement. 

In case of the in-person collection of your order, you are required to show up on time and in the appointed place. If for some reason you won't be able to do so, you need to inform us at least a 2 hours before. If you fail to inform us about it, your order may be cancelled and you will be entitled to the refund. Please keep in mind that big part of our assortment are products that are limited editions and may not be reproduced therefore if your order will be cancelled, you may lose the opportunity to purchase the same products again.

It is possible to opt for free delivery in Ratoath. In that case, you will be required to be at agreed place and appointed time. I failed to do so, we have rights to keep the product for our own use and you will be granted with refund for the product you purchased to be delivered at that time.
It is possible to place a special order of personalised products. Since it highly depends on the nature of your product and available supplies, there is no specified time of how long it will take, or the product to be ready to collect or shipped. Once the product is ready you will be notified and required to reply to provide payment and collection (or shipment) methods. If you fail to contact us within 5 working days, your product may be lost (or put for sale). In case you pay for the product already we have the rights to give you money back and keep the product for our own use.

By placing the order you agree with our Terms and Conditions stated on this site.

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Privacy Policy

All the information you provide is only going to be used to contact you, sending your order and to make your experience with us as pleasant as can be. We do not sell any information about our clients, nor we publish them or expose them. We share your info with necessary payment provider companies such as "Stripe" or "PayPal", and that is only, to safely proceed with your order.