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Cosy Winter ᵂᵃˣ ᴹᵉˡᵗ

Cosy Winter  ᵂᵃˣ ᴹᵉˡᵗ
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Perfect for a moment of winter indulgence, this comforting fragrance unfolds with festive spices of cinnamon & clove, while the heart comes into full bloom through a winter floral harmony of jasmine, violet & rose. All of this gently descends on to the warmth of saffron, woods, cashmere & a whisper of creamy vanilla!

Large 6x5cm strongly scented wax melts, can be used as a whole "glove" or broken into smaller pieces. 2 gloves in a pack.

Made from rapeseed and soy wax with a pinch of eco-friendly bio-glitter.

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