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Sandalwood WAX MELT


Just as our luxurious candle, this wax has woody, sweet, grounding and comforting aroma that can be beneficial during times of stress or anxiety. Thanks to its mystical fragrance it can also be used to enhance meditation.

Eco-soya wax with bio-glitter infused with essential oils doesn't only look good but it's a true environmental friendly, good smelling, little gem :)

Simply break some of the wax and put it in a well of your wax melter to let the room fill with this beautiful luxurious aroma. Of course, you can use the whole portion of the wax at once if your burner is big enough but there's no need for that as this wax melt is strongly scented and only a small bit is needed to achieve desired, enjoyable effect.

🌱Non-toxic, biodegradable and vegan friendly, soy wax scented with essential oils

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