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Colour Change Big Glass Aroma Diffuser

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Colour Change Glass USB Aroma Diffuser
Fill your home with a beautiful aroma and get the benefit of essential oils healing properties.

  • Material: Glass, Plastic and Metal
  • For Use With: Water with Fragrance or Essential Oils (essential oils recommended)
  • Power: 5W - USB Cable
  • Instructions Included: Yes - In English

Height 12.5cm Width 13.8cm Depth 13.8cm
Cable Length 103cm

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Christmas Blend

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Christmas Blend


Festive essential oil blend to create this one-time-in-a-year magical atmosphere. With this little bottle you'll be able to embrace it even earlier this year. Put yourself in a mood and make this year's holiday season just perfect.

This unique synergy blend of Cinnamon, cloves, orange, lemon, pine, juniper berries and frankincense not only embraces the holiday season in all possible way but as you can read below, also gives you a lot of health benefits.

Our Christmas blend is a warm, comforting and uplifting composition of essential oils, that is recommended to use in a diffuser or your favourite way of fragrance distributing. For topical application it should be diluted in a carrier oil. In case of any question, feel free to ask here

Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oils to support your immune system.

This powerful blend contains perfectly measured essential oils of Cloves, Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus, to achieve antiviral, antibacterial and immunity supporting properties.

Rich, spicy aroma. 

The receipt of this blend is known since 1914. Read the full story here

This blend is not made to be applied on the skin. Pure essential oils are too strong for it and need to be appropriately diluted in the carrier oil.
Check our professionally pre-diluted version of Immunity Ally, that is in a roller bottle, ready to be applied topically.