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Tobiasz is the bravest 1-year-old boy. He was born with Down's syndrome, hypoplasia of the aorta and pulmonary arteries, atrial septal defect, West's syndrome, bilateral hearing loss, and hypothyroidism. Despite all the challenges he still smiles and is ready to fight!

Sadly, Tobiaszes willingness is not enough. His heart may stop at any minute... Imagine yourself to be a parent and hear such a diagnosis... Yet the worse thing is that there was no possibility to help their little son. Even though the world seems to collapse more and more with every single rejection, Tobiaszes parents knew that the time runs way too fast to sit and cry, so with the eyes full of tears, they kept looking for hope.

No stone was left unturned across the whole planet, and finally, the specialists from Boston decided to operate Tobiasz. Unfortunately, almost half-million dollars (PLN 1655300 or €367710) was unreachable for Tobiasz and his parents. No bank is willing to grant such a loan and the little boy's heart can stop at any minute...


I am Tobiaszes uncle and I'd like to ask you to help us. Tobiasz lives in Poland and it is very hard to collect such money in my country, no matter how hard we all are trying, but thanks to you we can achieve it and allow Tobiasz and his parents to fight for his life.