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Hi, I am professional and practising aromatherapist. My name is Lukas, I came to Ireland about 15 years ago. Work in a nursing home and successfully use aromatherapy to help our residents face the challenges and brighten up their days.
At the moment, most of the holistic therapies are still under Covid restriction, therefore, my activity is limited only to the nursing home I regularly work as a healthcare essential worker. Apart from aromatherapy, I was offering a different type of therapies such as Reiki, Music and sound therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and more. Not only in nursing homes but also as private sessions. Right now, for safety reasons, I decided to utilise my skills and passion in a different way.

I am quite a creative person in general and making candles was only one of my hobbies, until suddenly, after a good portion of encouragement from family and friends the "Healing aromas" was born.

My candles are made of natural vegetable wax such as soya, rapeseed or coconut because these don't emit toxic fumes as regular paraffin candles do. However, the whole point of this "candles idea" was to make them with essential oils, so I could utilise my knowledge and passion, and at the same time create not only a comforting and cosy product but what's most important - a healthy alternative to our beloved candles. As I dived into it and educated myself about this craft, I couldn't help myself but had to make some kind of cute wax melts and of course provide all the fancy accessories to it 😉

When it comes to essential oil blends, I was doing those long before, but for my clients' individual needs (or my own diffuser). The idea of creating more universal blends for anyone to use came naturally, and I hope you will enjoy those healthy little "treats". There will be more of them soon. If you think you'd like something more personal, you're more than welcome to contact me about this or any other matter via the form below.