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7 Refreshing wax melts to bring you more joy for the whole week ☺️

These small (under 3cm) wax melts are very strongly scented, enough to fill your space with their uplifting scent.

Carefully blended citrus, florar and woody essential oils to create full and joyful fragrance.

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Essential oil diffuser

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Essential oil diffuser


Portable Aromatherapy Fragrant Oil Humidifier with 2 Mist Modes, Waterless Auto Shut-off and 7 Color Changing LED Night Lights

100% Safe & Healthy

The cool mist humidifier is made of BPA-free material so it is healthy for pregnant women and babies. Moreover, the combination of ultrasonic diffuser and essential oil is an excellent choice for improving sleep quality, relieving discomfort and removing anxiety

Quiet & Waterless Auto-Off

This oil diffuser functions quietly with 23dB, in a soothing and serene environment, not disturbing you, your baby, and even your beloved pets. And it will turn off automatically after 5s when water runs out to keep you safe and protect the aroma diffuser itself as well.

7 Colors Mood-Enhancing Lights

The aromatherapy diffuser portable With 7 soothing LED light and Hight mist / Low mist mode, you can cycle through it or freeze it on one fixed color. the brightness is selectable from dim and brighter. It will be a great bedside lamp for kids, and creats a romantic atmosphere for you!

Volume 90 Millilitres💧🌼

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This soy wax melt is like the essence of a warm summer rainshower. Lemon verbena, lemongrass and fresh freesia enriched by ylang ylang and peach. All that with a little hint of coffee to create a vibrant, fresh and indulgently relaxing aroma. 


Contains real dry flower petals.

Size ~ about 55g 


Coffee - strong black, freshly brewed coffee

Block of soy wax melt that smells like a rich dark full bodied roast coffee with a hint of cream and a dusting of cocoa.

Soy wax melt with a rich and sweet aroma like luxurious gourmet dark chocolate.


Size ~ 55g

Pre-order only

"Vacations" Candles

Pre-order only
Pre-order only

"Vacations" Candles


Handmade scented candles made of luxurious coconut wax. The carefully crafted aroma to let your imagination take you to the most gorgeous holiday destinations.


"Paradise Beach" - This stunning fragrance combines fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. Your escape to Paradise

"Italian Cost" - A fresh marine accord opening with bergamot, mandarin, nutmeg, eucalyptus and cucumber, leading to a watery floral heart of waterlily, Jasmin and rose, on a base of cedar, amber and musk.

"Energising Oasis" - Awaken the mind, body and soul with this revitalizing citrus accord of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit enhanced by aromatic tones of black pepper, cardamom and coriander. The uplifting heart of neroli, jasmine and orange descends onto a base of musk, amber and precious woods.

Crackling wood doesn't only look nice but helps the scent throw better and makes cozy crackling sounds to bring even more relaxation to you. 🏝️

32cl glass of size: 78/85 mm


After purchasing, your candle will be ready in 2 weeks time and then shipped afterwards.

Good idea for a present, especially to express gratitude. Let someone know you're thankful, with this rich floral fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle which perfectly fits the spring and summer season, making it a more original alternative to a "thankful" card.

Made of luxurious grapeseed wax, available in 2 sizes:
Normal: 7,5cm x 5cm
Small: 6.3cm x 4.2cm

Soothing and fresh, scented candle in a stylish black glass. Scented with essential oils of Bergamot, Patchouli and some herbal ones to complete the aroma and achieve relaxing, beautiful ambience for your place. 

Wooden wick doesn't only look cool but what's more important they burn cleanly, making subtle cozy crackle sounds.🥰

Soy wax is more eco-friendly and safer for our health to burn than traditional candles. 


Size: 9cm/8cm

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Luxurious Sandalwood Candle

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Pre-order now

Luxurious Sandalwood Candle


Soy candle with a crackling wooden wick, scented with essential oils.

🌱Non-toxic, biodegradable and vegan friendly

Available in 3 scents:
-Woody Sandalwood
-Sweet and sensual Sandalwood and Vanilla
-Fresh but cosy Sandalwood with Mandarin


The delivery time depends on availability. We contact you with more exact information after you place your order. You'll be able to make a final decision then.

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2 months ago

The candles are the piece of art! Not only the appearance but the smell! Divine...

Enjoy Life


Enjoy Life


A candle inspired by the idea of natural and simple beauty, joy and pleasure in small things.

Share happiness with this soy candle scented with Jasmine, Neroli, Vanilla, Patchouli and delicate notes of Magnolia, Pear and Black Currant.

The concept of this candle is centred on the idea of natural and simple beauty, freedom from conventions and the choice of once own vision of happiness. The fragrance is a kind of outlook on life, inspired by joy and pleasure in small things.


Tin Can 7cm/5cm

11.5cm x 4.5cm block of soy wax melt that smells like fig. 

Fruity and spicy. Sweet but refreshing

This unique wax melts contains eco-friendly mica powder, which makes it satisfying shimmering while melting. Doesn't only smells well but looks interesting too. 

Grounding but refreshing aroma that has a balancing effect on emotions and can help to deal with stress, anxiety or depression.

Soy wax

👉(Samples also available)👈

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